Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit

As a wrestling fan, I'm stunned by the deaths involving Chris Benoit and his family.

As a father, I'm sickened and completely at a loss. I just don't understand how anyone could do something so horrible to their own child.

Just stunned.


Taco Trio Adventures: Champagne, Smith, and Nguyen said...

I'm even more stunned that they're looking at steroids to blame.


Baldy said...

This man worked so hard for 40 years to successfully achieve a dream, to be a role model, to build a legacy, and then he threw it all away. Surely, he must've realized that everything he had built with his career would be erased by these actions. Now instead of the name Chris Benoit evoking the reaction "greatest pure wrestler of his generation," it will now evoke "murdering coward." What a waste. RIP Daniel and Nancy.

Anonymous said...

This certainly is a shocker. It's just awful.