Thursday, June 21, 2007


Back from the Disney vacation in Florida.

Around the time my wife Melissa took this picture, I remember thinking to myself, "Why am I carrying every single F'n bag, dripping with sweat, and making sure Jack doesn't run diving into the pool while Melissa just lollygags around ten feet behind us, fiddling with the camera?"

But it turns out she was taking one of my favorite vacation pictures and I was wrong to be annoyed--as usual.

The whole Disney experience is fun but I'd definitely recommend going in April or October, when it's not quite as hot.


MrNinja said...

Glad you guys had a great time on vacation!

Disney is one of those places you can go many times thoughout your life and still find something new and magical.
Everytime I go there I am invariably submitted by a new character. It started many a year ago at character brunch with a rear naked choke by the King himself, Mickey Mouse.
Most recently I was 'Rock bottomed' by either Chip or Dale (maybe both?)
Good times man, good times

Tom Nguyen said...

This should be your wallpaper for your computer...


PAT said...

thats a great picture.
actually as I look at it again it kind of has an Andy Griffith (sp) feel.
all you need are the fishin poles.

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet picture though! :)