Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm one of the people who loved the finale of the Sopranos the other night. I felt the entire show was in keeping with the character of the entire series, and that the ending, while ambiguous, was spelled out clearly enough to provide the show with some closure. It just takes a little thought to put the pieces together.

Personally, I subscribe to the theory that Tony was whacked at the end. In the second-to-last episode, there was a deliberate flashback to a conversation between Tony and Bobby (who had just been whacked), talking about what it must be like to be killed. Bobby's point was that one would probably never even hear the bullet that did the job.

To me, that means Tony never saw or heard it coming.

A second train of thought that popped into my head is that, if Tony is still alive, the last five minutes of the show is some masterfully done television that conveyed, for a few seconds, what it must be like to be Tony. The tension that the viewer felt while watching the end of the show, waiting for something to happen and not knowing where it was going to come from, must be a lot like the minute-to-minute existence of Tony himself. He's always looking over his shoulder, always a marked man, never knowing when his life of crime is going to catch up to him.

Either way, I loved it.


Tom Nguyen said...

'twas well done....I subscribe to the theory that he was whacked as well and the last image he saw was meadow walking in the door. The tension in the last 5 minutes alone was more than in the entire season.


SallyP said...

It was a clever ending, that's for sure. We of course, all thought that the cable had gone out, and starting shrieking.

The tension was nicely done. Was Meadow going to be whacked or would she be saved due to her ineptitude at parallel parking? Who WAS that guy going into the Men's room?

At least Paulie made it through. I love Paulie.

Tom Nguyen said...

It's great how there's more than one possibility; it's easy to think that Tony was the one that got whacked, but the very last image we see is of Tony looking up--it could be from the perspective of any of his family members, so any of them could have been killed as well.

robskiles said...

I think I can feel safe that this will be kept amongst oursleves. I feel like we are "family" here at Champagne Wishes 2.0.

Let's just say I know a guy who knows a guy who may or may not have helped Tony "depart" the show. We can all have closure knowing that Tony is sharing some "gabba gool" with Big Pussy.

ANMPH said...

I didn't get a chance to see it, being as HBO is not in my house but from how you described the sequences and the feel of it I am sold.

Hope you are doing well Mr. Champagne, Tom says you are well. Sorry I am so poor at keeping in touch. Keep on your writing, so then I can draw for you someday. LOL. Hey, I can dream!!!