Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fallcon 2.0 wrap up and more...

There's not too much to report from the floors of Fallcon, except to say that I am now convinced that global warming is the real deal. There's NO WAY it's supposed to be that hot and humid in Minnesota in October.

Unfortunately, while the show wasn't the most profitable one I've ever attended (and as great as it is to meet readers and talk comics, we comic book people also like to make money at these things), I did enjoy the quality time spent with the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Thanks to Tom, Doug, and Pat for taking such good care of me and Shawn Moll? I admire your dedication to the pages of She Hulk. I also enjoyed talking with Moira, who got an exclusive sneak peek at Arena #1 (Well, not the ending) just because she's so awesome and because, back in the early seventies, Julie Schwartz liked her Batman idea (which is the coolest thing ever).

Of course, thanks once again to Nick Post and the staff of Fallcon for bringing me out for the show. I hope to be back a third time next year.

Prince Valiant was once again there, hawking his KISS posters. He seems quite fond of Tom but, then again, who isn't? Pat, if you email me his picture from your cell phone, I'll be your best friend.

Since I got back, I finished writing an Action Comics script that, at this point, is my favorite story that I've written. Which doesn't mean it's any good, just that it's my favorite. The idea for the story is something I've carried in my head since my teenage years and it was gratifying to write something I've held onto for so long. The script still needs some shaping before I turn it in but writing an issue of Action Comics is literally my oldest professional dream come true.

Next up, I'll be making a miniature return to inking, working over 11 pages of Andy Smith art for an issue of The Atom, then inking a full issue of The Atom (that I also wrote) over an artist I couldn't say no to working over. Similar to when I worked with John Byrne, it's another dream gig come true (and the easiest way to snag some original art from one of the greats.)

After that, or probably sometime during once the ball starts rolling, the plan is to write a two-issue, prestige format series for DC. Plus the third issue of The Hamsters needs to be finished.

Fun times. Speaking of fun, did you vote for ARENA yet?


moira said...

You are way, way too nice!

I saw the ComicBloc thread. I still would like to email you questions, but...Since you have people's attention there, would it be OK if I posted a comment about your special fight knowledge that makes you writing this series so cool?
And then maybe you could post an answer and explain?

MrNinja said...

I selected Earth-15 Superman. As a nearly perfect(and bald) human being he must surely be a cross between Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko.

keith champagne said...

How ironic that you reference Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko on this sad day in MMA.

Whatever you need, Moira. Just let me know.

moira said...

Hey Keith,

I left a question and an invite for you at the end of your "did you vote" thread on ComicBloc.