Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hamster day!

Well, Groundhog Day arrives next month but tomorrow officially becomes Hamster Day at a comic shop near you. The first issue of the Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters relaunch has it's moment in the sun.

The question is, will anybody notice?

Doing work outside of Marvel or DC, you can pretty much expect a book to have a lower circulation out of the gate. A book like the Hamsters, which is a little obscure to say the least, has even more of an uphill battle to climb. We did what we could to raise awareness on the Internet so now it's up to the readers. If you like the book, do me a favor and recommend it to a friend. Tell your shop to order more copies. Anything we can do to get the numbers up will help the book's long term future.

This was my first time trying to write 'funny' and it wasn't easy. The second issue definitely felt a lot more comfortable, the third even more and so on...

As a little inside tip, when we first meet the new generation of Hamsters (Arnold, Rock, Lucy, Steven and Jean Claude), they introduce themselves by way of actual interview or film quotes from their patron saints. It seemed like a cute idea but what do I know? In fact, every single word spoken by Steven is a direct Steven Seagal quote in one way or another. I don't know if anyone else will get the joke but it was funny to me!

Let me know what you think.


Don C said...

Well said, Keith!

I hope readers will like the new ARBBH as much as I did!

Keepin' the faith,

Don Chin

Don C said...

Hey...check this out...a positive review on ARBBH #1!



Jamal Igle said...

I picked up my copy this afternoon. I couldn't find it at my LCS I had to go into the city for it.

Don C said...

So Jamal...what did you think about it after a read?

If you liked it, please tell your regular store to order it. :)


Anonymous said...

hmm, now I don't have a comic shop, I rely on a local website but they didn't get it either! Sorry dude!

Don C said...

Hi Space Camp...please tell your local comic shop to start carrying the ARBBH series...it will be much appreciated to get fan support from the start.

You can also find the #1 issue of Dynamite's series on eBay.com and milehighcomics.com


Don Chin

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, my local comic shop shut down so I can only buy them online these days. The next store to me is in London but that's a big trip to make each week.

ANMPH said...

I bought it, Read it, Loved it, and got all the jokes. I am actually going to post a review of it online soon.

I have to say, I was surprised by who did or did not survive. Good work sir.

Tom Nguyen said...

yes please go guy...i have to pimp this now as well! :)

Don C said...

Hey Anmph,

Thanks for the kind words. Once you have posted a review, can we put it in the Dynamite Comics forum?

Or, you can post it yourself there...here's a link:



Don C said...

Hi Homesick...I hope your local shop in London has it.

Would be curious to know how it is selling and being received in the UK if you get a chance to ask the store owner.

Hamster Trails!

Don Chin

Ryan Schrodt said...

Hey Keith,
I haven't been able to track down a copy of this yet (I'll probably have to order it from Midtown), but I'm pretty pumped.

I moreso just wanted to stop by and say hello! This is Ryan of the Dubuque, Iowa guys from Fallcon (you may or may not remember us, but I was the short one that remembered you did Young Heroes in Love). We spent a ton of time at your table that wicked hot Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Don, I'll try and find out if they got it or not. As I say, it's like a 2 hour train ride, but I'll call. Also, I can try and order it via the website I use. :)


Don C said...

Yo, Keith!

Some dudes at Comic Pants blog are talking you up at this site!



Don C said...

Another solid ARBBH #1 review from Razorfine Review 2.0!


Can't wait to see the new storyline that highlights CLINT!

Don Chin