Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A potpourri

The last month or two has been grueling healthwise but I think I've finally got this Lyme Disease out of my system. Aside from some aching joints in my fingers and my knees feeling like an old man, I seem to be pretty much back to myself. So a word to the wise from your Uncle Keith, kids. If you've got an insect bite on your body that, instead of going away, grows to the size of a softball, get it checked out before it turns into a bulls eye. Trust me, you won't regret it.

On the work front, I've spent the past week or so inking an 11-page Spidey/Aunt May story (that I also wrote) over Shawn Moll which I'm pretty sure makes me the only writer alive to have worked with the entire Minnesota Wrecking Crew. I believe this story will be out in August in the new Spider-Man Family anthology book, with guest appearances by my two brothers, Kenny and Kyle, and my niece Samantha, all of whom have characters named after them.

All of which is a good warm up to get back in the inking swing of things, as I'm expecting to start Supergirl over the next week or two (Am I close, Jamal?). Anyone who reads my blog knows I love working with Jamal but on our next project together, I think we need to switch things up and work as writer/penciller instead of penciller/inker. Hear me, Big Poppa?

The San Diego Convention is looming and, while I won't be there this year, I should have at least one, possibly two writing projects announced. The first is a project that I'm writing for IDW and the second is a creator-owned series, a western that's already attracted quite a bit of Hollywood interest. Which means nothing, really, but it makes me feel cool to pretend I'm a player. There's also a chance that DC will announce one of two projects I'm writing although I've learned not to get my hopes up there the last few months.

While I'm thinking of Supergirl, let me take another stab at posting the Supergirl promo that Jamal and I did. I freely admit I got a little lost interpreting the mountain peaks, sorry they suck. I'm a little rusty but Rome wasn't built in a day.

That's all for now, unless you're my favorite moral authority. Then you must finish reading this and TURN TO THE RIGHT!


Homesick At Space Camp said...

Glad to hear you're getting better mate. That is some cool work right there, I love that Supergirl promo too, very nice. I've made a huge cut to the comics I buy now but I'll make an effort to get this. You can't go wrong with Champagne and Big PoppA can ya!?


Jamal Igle said...

you should have the first batch by tuesday.

Unknown said...

NOT RIGHT! TURN LEFT! It's imperative!

DavidA said...

I got Lyme's back in 2002. I went to my doc within the first two days because of excessive joint pain. I showed him the tick bite and he said it didn't look bad, maybe I was just sore from the backpacking trip.

I agreed and went home with a prescription for max Advil or something stupid. About a week later the pain grew so much that I could barely get out of bed.

I went back and he immediately put me on some high dose drugs... long story, but man do those little critters hurt.