Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mighty good news

I've known about this for a while so, feeling guilty that I've barely blogged in the past few weeks, let me spill some more beans about THE MIGHTY.

First, you may ask yourself "what in the wide world of sports is The Mighty?"

Well, The Mighty is a new, ongoing series at DC. It's co-written by myself and Pete Tomasi, or as he likes to be called in the credit box, "Peter J. Tomasi," with some great art by Peter Snejberg. Trust me, it's cool stuff.

Anyway, we've been plugging away in the shadows on The Mighty for about a year now so I'm happy to report that we're far enough ahead that we're the book is now on the schedule. The first issue will be solicited in October and published in January. I'm excited to get it out there, I feel like I've had a really cool secret I've been dying to share for too long.

So keep an eye out! There will be plenty more details coming soon as we begin to promote the book. Tomasi and I own this one so we're both very committed to getting the word out and building some buzz.


Dan said...

I've been looking forward to this.

Great news to hear that its on the schedule!

Congrats tp you, Peter & Peter!

dellllllllllllllll said...

Umm..does this mean it'll be in January's solicits?

keith champagne said...

No, it'll be solicited in October and in stores in January. Books are solicited three months ahead.

Unknown said...

Hey Keith! It’s Pete from Sluggy Freelance! Drop me a line some time if you care to (I do get the emails from the email-form). I got some reunion-type-stuff that made me think about us Kubies and just wanted to check in.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Son of a-

Keith, you stole my name for a team! Eventually, I was getting around to introducing Lightbringer into the JLA-esque team The Mighty!




...Soooo, who's in it? ^_~