Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mighty #3

I really should be sleeping but I need to unwind after a late night of work. So it seems like a good time to update my poorly neglected blog.

I have it on good authority that The Mighty #3 arrives in stores tomorrow, April 1st, for the fine and discerning reader. Please check it out. I just proofread #6 and wrote the dialogue for #7 and, while I'm extremely biased, I really feel like we're on to something special here.

I've also heard around the bend that the first issue of NEVERMORE arrived in stores last week. I haven't done much to promote this project, in spite of the fact that it's an original Dean Koontz concept and worth your time and attention, because I don't know much about when it's going to ship. I've inquired with the Dabels many times for those important little details because I'd like to pimp this book out. I'm actually having a great time writing it and I want people to read what I feel is a very good comic. But if I'm not in the loop, there's only so much I can do. I hope to get a copy or two of the first issue for myself soon. See if you can beat me to it.

Going back to The Mighty, I never wrote up my Director's Cut notes on the second issue so, here you go.

I found it interesting that many comments and reviews I read of the second issue pegged Alpha-One as evil. What did he do, how did he act that would be such a red flag? Everything he does can be accounted for on panel, or justified in his dialogue. I think people just like conspiracy theories.

Is Alpha-One aloof or awkward? Sure. Have you ever met someone new and had trouble making conversation, or weren't quite ready to be yourself around them? Why should Alpha-One be any different? That's the angle Tomasi and I were playing with, the awkwardness that is sometimes inherent in making friends. Alpha-One is literally alone in the world, there's no one else like him. It stands to reason he'd have a hard time relating to someone new, or letting his guard down, or warming up immediately. Give him some time to let his personality come through before you jump to conclusions. Like I said before, lots of twists and turns to come. Enjoy the ride.

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jackpurcell38 said...

good luck getting a reply or comps copy from those guys. Glad to see you busy! Maybe we'll get to work together one of these days! Cheers!