Monday, March 16, 2009


What? I have a blog??!? Heck, I guess I should update it sometime. Good thing no one is reading it!


une amie qui vous veut du bien said...

Yes, me!

Homesick At Space Camp said...

I am too, but I was waiting for my copy of the Mighty #2 to be delivered first. :)

Homesick At Space Camp said...

My copy of TM #2 arrived so I am up to speed. It was a good issue, but I felt it was a little choppy in parts, but I guess that's because we're still in the build up area of the story. Alpha One is one creepy guy, which I felt was a bit wooden at first, but now I understand he's meant to be that way. It was still a decent read though and I'm looking forward to the next issue.