Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fan mail

When I made my comics writing debut last year with an issue of Legion, one fan was nice enough to create and send to me (care of DC Comics) an original art card, a reinterpretation of a classic Gil Kane cover, that tied in to the story I had written. He included some kind words on the inside about the issue. It was a nice piece of fan mail and I kept it. I have it on a shelf in my office to this day.

The other day, one of my editors at DC forwarded me some more fan mail, this time relating to a story point in JSA #79. I'm withholding the name of author but I was so blown away by this letter, I wanted to share it. Here it is, with my comments following...

"Dear the good creators of Dr. Fate at DC Comics,

For over 20 years now, I have been hypnotized by the magic and greatness of Dr. Fate. Ever since the day Dr. Fate had his debut in More FunComics and the Justice Society, it was clear to me that there would be no other superhero that would be as great as him. From Kent Nelson toHector Hall, I read every comic ever made concerning Dr. Fate.

I even have a vivid memory of the day I had gone to Universal Studiosfor the first time at the age of 12. After seeing numerous t-shirts onsale with the more popular superheroes a la Superman and Batman, I had searched recklessly for a Dr. Fate shirt. Sadly, none could be found and the remainder of my summer vacation had been miserable.

Yesterday, my son, Guy, turned 10. As a present, I passed down a collection of all my More Fun Comics, a collection of Dr. Fate miniseries and Justice Society #79. I had been as excited as he was until Isaw the picture...

At first, I had believed that it had been a simple printing error but after I had contacted several members of my Dr. Fate fan club, I had soon discovered that this particular picture had been no accident.

It was indeed Dr. Fate without a visible body.

I was not able to react to this picture. Tears had formed in my eyes but were unable to drop at this monstrosity. Images of my life zoomed pass me as I sadly remembered the glory of Dr. Fate and his illustrious blue body. At an immeasurable amount of disgust, I ripped apart JusticeSociety #79, and my childhood and heart along with it.

You editors at DC Comics do not have the ability to imagine the amount of havoc this one comic has caused me. Not only have you spit on the spirit of Nabu but you have also raped my heart. I believe I have no choice but to no longer purchase any DC Comics until this catastrophe upon Dr. Fate is erased. I beg of you to reconsider the transaction that has just occured. Not only for Dr. Fate and the Justice Society, but also for the sake of mankind."

It was signed, "With Disgust..." followed by the author's name.

So...I honestly don't know if that letter was written as a goof or meant in a serious way. I hope it's a joke but with comics, you just never really know for sure.

I would like to say that in the chance that the author reads this, please contact me. You can leave me a message right here on this blog and I'll get in touch with you privately. I seriously would like to make you a Doctor Fate T-shirt because whether you're joking or your heart is really deserve it either way.


(above artwork by Alex Ross.)

(please do not reproduce, in whole or in part, any of the above letter without the permission of myself or the author.)

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antonio said...

Hey Keith I haven`t bought any comics since 5 years, so pardon my question what is in that picture that is talked in the letter!.

As a personal advice I understood no to take everything personal, and also that wiht my work I do not have to please everyone..I hope the guy get his heart in better shape I can understand him but I know you do also your work with all your heart, so just keep working with that fire!!

Great day to you!