Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where the 'magic' happens...

Not a lot of time for blogging over the past week, things have been pretty hectic.

This is a picture of the artwork-producing section of my office. It's pretty stripped down and basic, no bells and whistles to speak of. I've gone to great pains over the years to simplify everything down to a bare bones approach: A drawing table, a lamp or two, cabinet to store artwork, a little tray to hold my pens and brushes and ink, and a file cabinet for various other things (it's mostly filled with DVD's). The whole mess is guarded by Dragun, my trusty Shogun Warrior which I got for Xmas when I was six years old. I think I've had him longer than anything else I've owned.

My drawing table is covered with hastily-scrawled phone numbers, most of which are anonymous. I usually forget which number belongs to who after a while or the ones that have names attached get smudged out.

A larger area of my office has been carved out as a writing station, which is generally better put together than my drawing area but still could hardly be called pretentious. I have a couple of pages of original art ( John Buscema and Steve Rude) on my wall, along with a couple of swords, a framed letter from Mark Gruenwald, and a JSA poster I produced a few years ago. Throw in a TV, radio, DVD player, bookshelf and Futon and that's my office in a nutshell.

It would be pretty easy to throw together something more extravagant, maybe one of those cool hydraulic drawing tables and a fancy flat file, a nice leather sofa or whatever but...really, why? My office is simple because it doesn't need to be anything more. The work would look the same regardless of how plush the chair I sit in is.

There's just more important things in life to worry about.


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