Tuesday, November 22, 2005


In the middle of another hectic week, juggling the inking chores on two books a month for the next six months, as well as needing to put the finishing touches on the proposal for a Batman project that I'm trying to get off the ground with friend and fellow JSA artist, Don Kramer. I also stayed up way too late last night finishing up an interview for Newsarama.com that will run by the end of the week.

So I'm tired and busy although I'm looking forward to relaxing with family on Thanksgiving.

In lieu of not having much time to post this week, I thought I'd open it up and answer some questions. Anyone have anything they're curious about concerning the comics biz? Want to know who dies in Infinite Crisis? Want to discuss favorite books or writers or artists? Feel free to email me any questions at keith.o.graphics@snet.net or leave them below in the comments section. I'll do my best to answer this weekend.
My question is: Does anyone know the artist for the piece I've posted with this entry? I believe he's Italian, although I could be wrong. I'd like to find more of his work though so somebody help me out.



Anonymous said...

Hey Keith!
I don't really have any questions about the biz, but I was wondering- after you make your pitch to the "powers that be", do you think it would be possible for us to read/see some of it? I'd really be interested to see your plans and Don's ideas too? Much like you did with the last one. :) Good luck with it all! I'm a huge fan of you and Don so I hope that it all goes well for you.


antonio said...

Already answered my Friend!!
Good luck with the proposal!!


Jeff said...

Hi Keith,

I've really enjoyed your work as the writer of the current JSA arc and wanted to congradulate you on doing such a great job. Also loved your Royal Flush post here.

We have the same love for comics and MMA and would love to talk to you regarding an opportunity to blog proffesionally about those two very topics.