Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Favorite list

Because blogs are basically narcissistic and self indulgent by nature of their very existence, herewith I present to you the five best movies ever seen by MY eyes. I'm not a critic (although I have written six or seven screenplays which really means nothing but I wanted to mention it) but I am narcissistic and self indulgent and this is my blog so my opinion is the only one that matters.

#5: Aliens.

#4: Big Trouble in Little China

#3: Forrest Gump

#2: The Empire Strikes Back

#1: The Natural

Are there technically better or more popular movies out there? Of course there are. But these are my five favorites, in order.


keith champagne said...

No controversy here. If I had made a top ten list, some of the other films mentioned would make the cut.

MrNinja said...

All I can say is:

Pick me out a winner, Bobby.

MrNinja said...

Having some time to steep, I wonder how close Vision Quest, Hawk the Slayer, Ninja III The Domination, & Remo Williams came to the top 5.

Spellbound said...

Great pics by all. I'd go for the Good the Bad and The Ugly for Eastwood Films..solely for the sound clip. And I would add Braveheart to the list. Forrest Gump is probably #1 for me.

MrNinja said...

All good choices, but I would say its hard to believe that greatest movie of all time isn't entitled 'Kill and Kill Again'. Perhaps becuase it's technically considered a foreign film I imagine this pushed it back to #6. Its worthy to note that it is not only the greatest sequel to a South African/American action film EVER, it was also the first film to use BULLET-TIME. Way ahead of its time.

liondormant said...

Pardon me but I would like to suggest everyone consider The 13th Warrior, Jurrasic Park, and Rob Roy. Is that a Crouching Tiger in your pocket are you just hapy to see me? I mean, woah, we gotta make a long list to get the good ones in. I'm partial to Kenneth Branagh's Henry V, but I may be part of a very small audience there. Excalibur. I say again, Excalibur.