Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wizard Interview

What? Three posts on the blog in as many days? Who is this masked blogger??

I did a quick interview (through email) with the Wizard Magazine website to start promoting the Green Lantern Corps comics. Here's the link:

It's always interesting to me how these things are edited together. Not for good or bad, they just always read differently when compared to the original questions and answers. Kind of like a diet version.


MrNinja said...

True dat robskiles.
I would say if I had the choice of who in the World to interview my top five would be (in no particular order) - The Dali Lama, Gloria Steinem, Keith Champagne, Masaaki Hatsumi, & Erin Gray.
I can't speak as to how the editing would go, but I haven't met a Keith Champagne interview I didn't like.

keith champagne said...

Wow, that's some esteemed company I've been lumped into. When I think of how much Erin Gray has done for the world, I blush to be positioned side by side with her.

We're all silver spoons together!

Red Stapler said...

Excellent interview!

Congrats on the GL run. I'll have to remember to pick those up!

-Red Stapler
aka - Leopard Kensington
(those are all the clues you're getting!)