Friday, September 08, 2006


The finals of the PRIDE FC Absolute Grand Prix is this Sunday night and it's going to be a fantastic night of MMA fighting. As far as the main (tournament) fights go, these are my quick picks...

I’m picking Crocop over Silva. Wanderlei hasn’t been the same fighter since his loss to Mark Hunt, he’s been less aggressive and half a step slower. He looked great against Fujita but Iron Chin is a B-level fighter at best and, I think, was an opponent made for Silva to look good against.

I’ll take Nog over Barnett. This is a fight that could go either way, it really could. My heart is rooting for Barnett, I think he’s great and also very fun to watch and I love that he’s dedicated himself and gotten into top shape instead of relying on natural skill. My head picks Nog though, he’s a legend in his prime and it’s hard to bet against him.

Crocop versus Nog in the finals and I’m picking…Crocop. He killed Nog the first fight until he was taken down and tapped. I see this fight as more of the same with the exception that Mirko has improved his submission defense enough to get back to his feet and start kicking again. Plus, I’d rather see Crocop VS Fedor a second time as opposed to Nog VS Fedor the fourth.

No matter who wins any of these fights, this is going to be a great card. Aside from the tourny finals, the undercard has a few great fights, including Sergei Kharitinov VS Aleksander Emelianenko and Ricardo Arona VS Alistaire Overeem.

Can’t wait for it. I'll be glued to the TV on Sunday night.


MrNinja said...

I caught some of the fights on the internet and they were pretty good. I also saw a montage video that appeared to be people lining up to be knocked out by Cro Cops left foot.
It looked like Barnett was pretty gased in the finals, too bad. He could be the twin of my friend Dan, both in physical appearance and in fighting/wrestling style.Come to think of it,...I've never seen them both in the same place at the same time...

keith champagne said...

Chris, I have an idea for another Frankenstein story where he finds Thor's hammer (with his right arm still clutching it) and uses it to replace the arm he lost when Olive Oil shot him.

Wacky hijinx ensue.

Just a matter of finding time. Thanks for asking.