Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday the 14th

Sorry for the lack of updates. Lack of time and lack of anything to blog about, really. No wonder the reader tally for my blog is skydiving by the month. This blog sucks!

Anyone remember a movie called Saturday the 14th? It was a horror/comedy spoof that came out in the early 80's. I remember it being the funniest movie when I was a kid and was thinking of trying to track it down. I doubt it would hold up, most things don't after all these years. But sometimes, one is pleasantly surprised.


MrNinja said...

I believe it won an acadamy award back in '81 for Greatest Movie of All Time, or maybe that was Highlander?
Either way, I watched it a haunting 14 times when it was on HBO and I didn't come to the evil end that many had speculated. It was probably more like 1400 times, but I'm pretty sure I watched it on an actually Saturday the 14th, which was a bold stroke for 9 year old.
I doubt I would temp fate again, and I emplore you Mr. Champagne not to do so as well!!!
Might I suggest Zoro the Gay Blade or even the Kentucky Fried Movie as the safe alternative?

keith champagne said...

I also enjoyed Zorro, The Gay Blade quite a bit.

My early teen HBO movies of choice were the first Swamp Thing flick, and some movie where Patrick Dempsey was a pizza delivery boy/male prostitute. I must have watched both of those 459 times a piece.

We should put together a 'beloved 80's movies of our youth' marathon.

keith champagne said...

Anyone who paid money to see that movie is a GOD in my eyes!

Preach said...

I remember that film only all too well, in fact i even own a copy of it, as well as of it's really shitty sequel "Saturday the 14th strikes back". Whereas the first one was quite funny (though not on the level of "House 2: The second storey"), the sequel is just a big steaming pile of horse manure.