Monday, April 07, 2008

Full, unfettered fury of Darkseid's junk!

Just enough time before I rush off to pick Jack up from preschool to post this, the full version of the Darkseid page from Countdown #4.

The printed version was cropped and zoomed in on in a way that was quite different from the original page. Not sure why, maybe Darkseid looks especially silly lounging in a recliner? Maybe he's flashing too much junk from beneath his tunic of evil?

Mine is not to question why. But here's the original page!


Homesick At Space Camp said...

Awesome! I'm afraid I've missed the countdown boat, I just couldn't handle another event, but I'm sure it's smokin man! Cool page too.


Thomastopher said...

I hate it when Darkseid shows up on my couch. The dude totally ruins the ass groves!

SallyP said...

Great Googaly Moogaly. They did crop it in the book. Whatever for? That's a very nice couch.

TheRealMcCaw said...

Now we know why he needs the Anti-Life Equation.