Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The most boring post ever

Not much on my mind lately, hasn't been a great deal to blog about.

The NY convention came and went and I enjoyed my time there. Conventions are more or less like a big reunion where, every five steps one takes, you bump into another long lost colleague or friend. It was a productive show in terms of generating writing work, with a gig now upcoming from Marvel and an intriguing opportunity mentioned to me by Rob Levin from Top Cow that got my imagination sparking. I'm increasingly interested in working outside of DC. After fifteen years, it seems like a good time to start stretching my wings so I'm glad to see opportunities opening up to allow me to explore what's out there.

Next up, I'll be in Seattle the same weekend as the Emerald City Convention. While I'm not flying out specifically for the show, I'm sure I'll spend some time there. The weekend after, I'll be in New Hampshire for GraniteCon's 5th anniversary show, followed by AdventureCon in Tennessee again this year. Both were shows I was invited to last year, both well run, and I'm grateful to be invited back to each.

If all goes according to plan, we should have an exclusive, limited edition full color comic to unveil at Adventure Con. Who is 'WE?' Wait and see!

That's all the news I can think to blog about right about now. But check back in soon if you're so inclined. I'll try not to be so boring next time.

Thanks for reading,

PS- Hi, Mom!


Gerb said...

As you say, it's not your most dynamic or thought-provoking post, but I still like being able to check-in and find out what's going on. Let me know if there are any conventions coming up in Boston...

MrNinja said...

There seemed to be a lot of hype around this being "the most boring post ever", in as far as the title.
I found there was too much relevent and interesting information for both current and future events. The monotony seemed to be disrupted by the use of power words, such as 'intriguing' (see page 1, paragraph 2). The shout-out to Mom is a text book rookie boredom mistake.
Overall score : 4.5/10

Thomastopher said...

Top Cow has got some nice books on the shelf right now. I'd love to see you get a project lined up over there. Also looking forward to something from Marvel. Keep us in the loop.


keith champagne said...

Mr. Ninja, I heart you.

PAT said...

Boring? Never!
Thats great news about the gigs man!
I know I am looking forward to hanging out at Adventure con. And its always good to see my favorite badge stealing bud!