Tuesday, April 01, 2008

State of the union

Jack had his fourth birthday a couple of days ago so, as of today, I've now spent the last 1462 days with this most remarkable little fellow--give or take a few days away for convention obligations. He doesn't seem tired of me yet; in fact, he seems to enjoy my company almost as much as I do his. Sure, once in a while he needs to put me in time out because, y'know, Daddy is crazy. But I try to learn the lessons he teaches and apply them to my life. For instance, The Wiggles really do grow on you if you listen to the same CD on an endless loop in the car for two straight years. Jack was totally right, I'll never listen to FM again!

For Jack's birthday, we took all of his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and some neighbors/friends to a showing of Horton Hears A Who, followed by jungle-themed party, pizza/cake/presents/pinata back at Chez Champagne. It was a lot of work getting everything ready in the few days leading up to the bash but all in all, it worked out really well. I would post a picture but I can't find the cable to upload them from my camera to the computer.

In a reflective moment, I looked around at all of the kids at Jack's party and it hit me how fast all of them are growing up. I remember being afraid to hold them all when they were born and now a few of them can (and do) beat the tar out of me. Life seems to move so slow but when I look around, these years are passing in the blink of an eye. The last four years moved so fast, it's humbling.

I love my son more than anything.


PAT said...

He's a lucky kid.

Happy Birthday!

SallyP said...

Awwww...you're a good dad. And Happy Birthday to Jack. Pinatas are always fun.

TheRealMcCaw said...

I forgot how close our kids were in age.

4 years. Where the heck did it go?

Anonymous said...

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