Thursday, April 17, 2008

Superman #676

Two blog updates in one day, although I wish I didn't have to post this one. This is DC's brief release regarding the issue of Superman I wrote, originally scheduled to arrive in stores next month. I'll have more to say on the other side...



Press Release

DC Comics announces new contents for SUPERMAN #676, replacing the story originally solicited for this issue.

In this story, originally scheduled to appear in SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL #9, writer Vito Delsante and artists Julian Lopez and Bit tell the tale of how the Man of Steel met the original Emerald Sentinel, Alan Scott! As a mysterious team of scientists tracks a dangerous threat headed toward Metropolis, Superman learns the first lesson of super-heroism from the man who wrote the book!

This issue also will feature a new, previously unseen cover by Alex Ross.

SUPERMAN #676 (MAR080146) is solicited in the March Previews and is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 14.

Because of this change, this issue will be made returnable at a later date.


I'm not at liberty to say why there was a last minute content switch for this issue but I will say it has nothing to do with the quality of the story or art. It's the best comic I've written (in my humble opinion) and Rick and Dan did a great job. I was told our issue wasn't killed, just postponed although I can't say for how long.

It's frustrating, especially with my still-unannounced project w/ Doug Mahnke pushed to the fourth quarter of this year. I'm left with very little on the stands that I've written for most of 08 at this point, at least at DC. So don't forget about me while I'm gone and hopefully, when the complications surrounding this Superman issue get resolved, everyone will get to see it.


Khaver Siddiqi said...

Sorry to hear that, Keith. Still looking forward to it ~ whenever it gets published. Best of luck. Wanted to ask you, are you an exclusive at DC at the moment?

SallyP said...

What the heck? This seems a bit...arbitrary. I'll have to keep an eye out for your book when it does come out.

Dan said...

That's a shame man, the same thing happened last year to Busiek with his Krypto story.

Any hints on your project with Mahnke? Is it DCU based?

Thomastopher said...

Somehow I missed this announcement, and it just plain sucks.
Plus, with what you told me at NYCC about 'The Corpse'... man, I'm getting mad at DC.

robskiles said...


That stinks. You've never been given or handed anything in the business and it's a shame you still have to keep fighting. Best luck brother.