Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventure begins

Thanks to the few that posted below in the Artist Wanted thread. It looks like in this case, the mountain came to me and I think I'm all set. I'm sure I'll post more about this project in the coming days.

Off to Adventure Con in Knoxville Tennessee in literally ten minutes. Got to head to the airport and hit the skies. There's a great crew of comic book artists attending, including my beloved Minnesota Wrecking Crew of Doug Mahnke, Pat Gleason, and Tom Nguyen. Big Poppa Jamal Igle and my frequent collaborator, Andy Smith will also be in town, as well as many others. It was a fun show last year and this year looks to be bigger and better.

Back soon!


David E. Allred, M.Div. said...

Great to meet you in Knoxville. I was the guy walking around with Samuel.

He really is a great person, don't you think? So humble to have accomplished so much.

Anyway, thanks for signing my books. It was an honor to meet you.

David E. Allred, M.Div. said...

PS: Keith, I feel kind of bad. I wasn't totally honest about my feelings about Countdown Arena when you asked. It's not like me to skirt around the way I did, but I felt like any real conversation would have taken more time than either of us had.

Drop me a line, if you want: -- but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

I'm wanting to clear my conscience more than anything :)

And regardless, it WAS an honor to meet you.

moira said...

Hi Keith,

You know, you are an honorary Minnesotan.......whether you like it or not. We've all adopted you. :)
Say "hi" to those other guys for me, will you. And I hope you're all having a great time.


soopahsoldier2000 said...

Hey Mr. Champagne,
Thanx for telling me about your blog. My wife Mary and I enjoyed getting to speak with u again this year. I have to say " Your Crew" was very nice, and the best part of the whole Adventurecon. We hope to see you again next year. Your ability and personality are now making u my favorite artist. Well enough taking up your time, but i do hope you had a great fathers day!

PAT said...

beat you to it.

Dev Madan said...
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Brad Brown said...

This is a little off topic. Didn't ADOLESCENT RADIOACTIVE BLACK BELT HAMSTERS #4 come out on Wednesday? We got work on this website so you have separate window detailing your available merchandise.