Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Artist wanted

Ever wanted to be a comic book artist? Or maybe you are a working artist in the wonderful field of comics and are looking for a project to draw on the side. Or perhaps your mother has long harbored a secret dream of drawing comics and you want to help her to achieve that elusive, life long goal.

Well, I'm looking for you, pal! (or your mother.)

Leave your contact info or website/portolio link in the comments section and I'll touch base with you soon after. If you think I'm an astonishingly gifted writer that you need to work with before you die and also have a love for the old west, we might just be soulmates.



Elayne said...

Ooh, I get to be Rob's "agent" again!


He pencilled 9 pages in the Suicide Squad miniseries that just finished, so he's got a pencilling rate all set at DC. And I'm sure he'd love to work with you!

Homesick At Space Camp said...

What a great opportunity! If only I could draw haha.

robskiles said...

I can't draw. I can't wright and I'm not creative. I however can count so if you have trouble with putting the pages in order I'm your man. Hugs

dellllllllllllllll said...

Keith you've really got to check out this guys art:


he's currently doing a 'Titans' fill-in.

Marc Deering said...

Hey, Keith.

Name is Marc Deering, inker.



Odon Dias said...

Hi, Keith. I have something here at a blogspot, I'm still updating with more recent works: